The Green Republic Project

Theme: Reconciling Humanity with Nature through restoration.

I warmly welcome you to our space. I am happy to lead a team of dedicated young people committed to the fight against the most defining challenge of our time - climate change. As leaders of tomorrow we have resolved to help create the future we aspire by acting decisively today.

The devastating effects of climate change presents a future threat to human development and progress. Floods, drought, hunger, poverty, disease, war and refugee crisis continue to plague human effort due to climate change. We have decided to be a part of the solution in overcoming climate change no matter how difficult because it is no longer a subject of debate, for us, it is a choice between life and total annihilation of the human race. We have decided to stick to life.

Knowing the critical importance of trees to human existence and in the fight against climate change, we have decided to lead the youth of Ghana to plant trees, manufacturers of the oxygen which gives us life. These trees do, by absorbing carbons and other greenhouse gases and process into oxygen. If climate change is largely caused by carbon emmissions then trees remain our best bet to overcome climate change.

We have a goal to help plant 20million trees by 2028 as our contribution to global efforts at overcoming climate change. Not just that, we also sensitize our people on the critical importance of trees and the need for us to keep our environments clean and healthy. We urge our governments and decision makers as well as the business community to adopt renewable energy and eco-friendly systems.

We humbly invite you to join forces with us in the fight against climate change through funding, technical support and human capital. We would be approaching YOU on one of our Day Out events soon.

Fellow citizens of the world, the climate challenge is an urgent one that must be approached with all the seriousness and synergies available to us or we all perish together as fools. Let us save our planet together. Our planet, Our future, Our responsibility. Enjoy your time here with us.

Thanks for visiting.

Nana Yaw Osei-Darkwa
Convener / Team Lead

  • #MakeGhanaGreenAgain
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